All our Programs share common critical resources:

  • Our core competencies derived from our business experiences as private sector entrepreneurs adding value, creating new products and services, developing new markets with a deep understanding of 'what it takes' to succeed
  • Our active international network of stakeholders and partners in government, agencies, institutions, investor funds and companies across all our markets
  • Add to this, two decades representing government agencies in Europe and North America for investment attraction and helping their companies exploit new markets
  • In-depth technical competency and experience across our served sectors.

With global warming a leading global issue, most countries are seeing rapid increases in renewable energy projects.

Wind energy and solar PV dominate globally vying for the lead both with USD140 billion investment in 2019. Smaller scale distributed projects attracted about USD52 bn based mainly on small-scale wind and solar PV, biomass and waste-to-energy, biofuels, run-of-river hydro and geothermal. Most of these are financed by the private sector including mandated investment funds as equity or debt, otherwise asset finance, private equity, banks and other vehicles.

Accordo Partners has been working over the last decade bringing on smaller scale renewable energy developers at ‘investment ready’ between USD5m and USD400m. We then introduce appropriate partner investors to take the project forward. Technologies include:

  • Solar PV and Solar Thermal
  • Wind Onshore and Offshore
  • Bioenergy and Biomass CHP
  • Geothermal
  • Run-of-River Hydro
  • Tidal Current Generation

Accordo Partners provide FDI and investment attraction and trade development services on a retainer or campaign basis to:

  • Government and regional economic development agencies
  • City economic development offices
  • Trade associations and sector representative bodies.

Services could include among other possibilities:

  • Long-term ‘Full Service' FDI/Investment Attraction Programs for government or region priority sectors
  • Focused sector or event related fixed duration Investment Attraction campaigns
  • Active Investment Attraction prospecting at Trade Shows
  • Event and Seminar delivery including on-the-ground management, venue selection and set-up, recruitment and delivery

Fast developing global innovation, some driven by the exigencies of climate change, some by the rapid evolution in communications or technology, are opening the way to radical new business opportunities. These often demand collaboration across disciplines, research institutions, technology partners, countries and regions and, very often, need government financial support and other innovative financial resources.

Accordo Partners is practised in identifying and bringing partners together within this matrix, matching competencies, resources and capabilities. We work with our international network of stakeholders and partners in government, agencies, institutions and companies to deliver collaboration:

  • Advanced Technology and Manufacturing including composites
  • Alternative Energy technologies and projects
  • Bioenergy project development and financing
  • Biorefineries including biofuels, platform biochemicals and bioderivatives
  • Smart Grid and Energy Management
  • University-business collaboration in biosciences
  • Digital media project development and cross-border partnering.

Entering foreign markets for the first time has risks and exposure to unexpected costs and commitments. Particularly true if launching the new venture includes opening offices and employing staff. In many European jurisdictions, rigid labour laws inhibit a flexible approach to managing staff. Employee wages can be inflated by additional social security costs and office leases may be difficult to exit. An expensive and potentially risky position as the sales pipeline is developed...

Accordo Partners' Market Entry Program overcomes all of this with individually tailored fixed fee, fixed duration contracts which contain costs, eliminate employment and property liabilities during the critical 'go/no go' initial sales pipeline development period:

  • We generate a 'first cut' listing of technically and commercially relevant prospects
  • Get down 'on the street', knock on the right doors, generate the sales pipeline exploiting Accordo Partners' stakeholder and technology networks accumulated over 30 years business activity in Europe and North America
  • Qualify prospects by introducing Client technology and agreeing business fit with the prospect's operations, propositions and end-to-end solutions
  • With pre-qualified and engaged prospects, we develop key elements of the Client's 'value proposition' to secure commitment
  • Bring in the Client for the 'Solution Definition' stage and close with committed prospects...